Wenlu is heading for a new era of intelligence

2019/9/11 9:04:11
With the gradual landing of 5G practical application, artificial intelligence is on the right track. This change from the field of science and technology seems to be rolling in the spring, from which every industry has smelled the opportunity.
What are the opportunities for the Wen tourism industry? What kind of sparks does science and technology + cultural tourism collide with? How to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 > 2? Intelligent tourism, industrial restructuring, new momentum and other words have become the high-frequency words at the 2009 Asian Tourism Industry Annual Conference held in Shanghai on September 5.
Intelligence of cultural tourism industry can promote the deep development and sustainable utilization of tourism resources through intelligent technology, innovation and IP, optimize user experience, optimize tourism supply and demand matching, and better meet and guide the people's yearning for and pursuit of a better life. From the supply side to the consumer side, the addition of emerging technologies has made the marriage of culture and tourism upgrade in product and user experience.
With the help of the east wind of technological development, the cooperation between the government and enterprises in addition to governance, in the promotion of tourism resources and other aspects is also a coincidence. Before Tencent and the Yunnan provincial government launched a large-scale project "a mobile phone to travel to Yunnan", after Ctrip and the Gansu provincial government cooperation "a mobile phone to travel to Gansu", gradually hot "one machine to travel" project is not only an innovative case of cooperation between the government and enterprises, but also a large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technical means. Products.
In addition to these effects, some digital applications currently in place for some cultural attractions provide a solution to the contradiction between the protection of cultural relics and the development of tourism. For example, the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, which combines the digital exhibition center with the physical grottoes, not only meets the needs of tourists to see murals in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional way, but also controls the flow rate to protect vulnerable cultural relics. For scenic spots and travel agencies, technology support achieves management and product optimization, and for entrepreneurs, it is another outlet.
Nowadays, many scenic spots only use one technology or facility, which makes people feel the atmosphere of digital application, but in fact, wisdom tourism has deeper value waiting to be excavated. Intelligent tourism currently stays at the stage of suppliers of basic digital facilities, but for integrated tourism, including how to use large data databases for artificial intelligence and cloud computing to derive more interactive solutions are missing. Intelligent development of cultural tourism industry should promote the full collection, open sharing and deep application of data, protect privacy and protect the safety bottom line of users and businesses.
In the opinion issued by the general office of the State Council on "further stimulating the potential of culture and tourism consumption", the fifth generation mobile communication (5G) network is first deployed; Internet + tourism is promoted; the construction of intelligent scenic spots is strengthened; real time monitoring, scientific guidance and intelligent service are realized; and culture, tourism and modern technology are promoted. Integration of technology, development of a new generation of immersive experiential culture and tourism consumption content based on 5G, ultra-high definition, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies are deploying intelligent and intelligent development of the cultural and tourism industry in terms of hardware and software conditions. The future of 5G and other technologies seems to have endless imagination space, which is expected.